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Real bearded Santa Claus making a difference one child at a time

Real Bearded Santa With Authentic Santa Claus Suits

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Your visit will include...

1. Grand entrance! This works best when all the guests have all arrived and the party/event has already started. Then have Santa make his grand entrance.

2. Mingling with the guests, one on one greeting conversation with everyone. When mingling, Santa generally goes from table to table to say hello and to pose for group photos, etc. (You may like to add holiday selfie photo props to each table. This would add a fun element for your guest’s selfie pictures!) I do have one set that I bring with me for corporate events that I can have set-up if you have an extra table not in use. Please note: When you have a large event, this does take quite a bit of time.)

3. Santa proceeds to a chair with holiday decorations/backdrop (that you provide) for more formal pictures that your guests may want to take themselves. (Santa may need the host’s assistance if Mrs. Claus is not with him, depending on how large the event is.) Or your guests may want to make their own short, personal video with Santa for their children if time allows.

4. Pass out gifts/Christmas bonus checks/awards that you have provided. Have Santa make an announcement/presentation on behalf of your corporation. (If you have Santa make an announcement/presentation please provide him a script a week ahead of your event.)

If you have time remaining after the above items have been completed, you may pick from following:

A: Have Santa sing Christmas carols with guests (Santa loves to play his guitar & sing!)
B: Santa or Mrs. Claus read T’was the Night Before Christmas.
C: Santa dancing with guests to “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” This works best if your business is having a dance at your event.
D: Play games with Santa (All prizes that Santa passes out are candy canes except for the Ugly Sweater Contest. The winner will receive a special award for this.)

1. Ugly Sweater Contest (This game is fun and works great when the event is not formal attire.)
2. Holiday What’s in Your Phone Game (This is like a scavenger hunt on their phones.)
3. Christmas Trivia
4. Name That Christmas Carol
5. Snowman Bingo

Or if you have other ideas, I would be happy to customize my visit for your event. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or email me. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Have a Jolly Day!  

Santa Tim
“Santa enters through the heart of each child, making a difference one child at a time” ~Santa Tim Terpening

Tips for a Great Santa Visit

We want Santa’s visit to be very very special. Here are a few tips to help make your Santa visit merry.

Provide a cell phone number of someone at the event who will have it on.

Have a special place for Santa to park – very close to entrance of event.

Have someone outside to meet Santa – to show him the way and to load toys into his sack if needed.

Plan it so Santa can make a “Grand Entrance” – Have everyone participating in a common task (singing.)

Place Santa’s Chair so it has a great holiday background for photos. Leave room behind for group photos

Place payment in a Christmas Card so you don’t have to hand Santa a check or cash and risk a child witnessing the transaction.

Keep the children together and occupied to give Santa a few minutes for his departure. 

Mrs. Claus Report:  For a truly magical experience for your child, send Mrs. Claus a short report about your child so his/her visit is personalized and special.  Please include in your child’s report their interests, current event that just happen or name of Elf on Shelf if they have one.  Send your child’s report to Mrs. Claus at


Santa Tim’s calendar is filling up fast!

Santa Tim's calendar is filling fast!